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Why Us?

Whether you decided to attend our in-class, live on-line, or self-paced online courses,

Werdlow Johnson | School of Real Estate offers exceptional education.  Our courses are purposefully designed to mimic the classroom environment, taught by our staff of state-licensed instructors. In addition to their extensive training experience, our instructors offer decades of real-world real estate experience.  No matter the class environment (e.g. virtual or in-person) our instructors are on standby to answer all of your questions.  Just know that you are not in this alone.  Your success is our success.  So while you're doing your part (taking the time to read the text, review the quizzes every day, and reviewing instructor tips, WJ School of Real Estate is on standby to provide guidance and instruction along the way. 

Our GOALS & OBJECTIVES Are to provide you with a quality educational experience whether you prefer a real estate course in a classroom setting, a self-paced online, or a live online format.  Our goal is to make sure our student pass rates for the school and state exams are both equally high!  More specifically our vision is to have the highest student first-time exam passing rate in the state.  

WJ School of Real Estate is partnered with the online division of Capitus Real Estate Learning Center, a service of the Educational Foundation of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association and the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®


We want to give you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your goals, your way, and on your own time.  If you enroll in the self-paced or live online course and later decide to move to a classroom environment, you have the option of transferring to a classroom course at any of our in-class locations around Metro Atlanta, within one year of registration by paying a $100 transfer fee and the difference in the cost of the two courses. So long as the student has attended a documented and verifiable minimum of 25 hours of one of our online courses those hours can be transferred with the student to an in-class course.  We are the only school that supports the student by providing the student with so many ways to achieve their real estate education goals.  No other real estate school offers you so many choices.

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